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How we can help

Developing local supply chains


Using local suppliers can be advantageous both in reducing costs, and demonstrating a commitment to add value locally. However, developing local supply chains can be a significant challenge in many regards. We can help support clients in addressing these issues

Economic development


Companies are under pressure to demonstrate that their activities stimulate wider economic development and to the communities where they operate. We support clients in understanding local needs, and developing realistic strategies to support wider social and economic development.

Ethics and compliance


A significant challenge for companies buying from or investing in emerging countries relates to ethics and compliance. We can help clients to understand the local realities and potential pitfalls in such places. This enables them to be able to operate effectively, but in ways which reach international standards of compliance and ethics 

Political engagement


We are not lobbyists. However, we can provide insights into the way political power and influence works, and how different institutions - formal and informal - relate to each other. This can inform a much richer engagement by our clients with politicians and officials in countries where they work.

Labour and human rights


Standards of human rights observance, and adherence to good health and safety practices are frequently challenges in emerging economies. We can provide detailed analysis of these issues - and crucially, what causes them. This allows clients to take informed decisions about how to proceed.

Responding to the urgent


The role played by companies in developing countries is rarely far from the news. From deforestation in Brazil to allegations of corruption in DRC, we can help clients to understand how campaigns and the news agenda might affect them, and help craft a sensible response.